1. Tap the screen

The sheep jumps.

Tap the screen, the sheep jumps. If you tap upper half of the screen, he jumps by twice the height. However, you can get higher score using normal jump because it is a little difficult to jump over other animals and obstacles.

2. Tilt the device

The sheep slides to the right or left.

Tilt the the device to slide the sheep to the right or left. He runs more fast at the right side of the screen. You can get higher score if he succeeds to jump over obstables when he runs fast.
You need to unlock screen portrait orientation mode.

3. Other animals and creatures

They get in the sheep's way. Jump over them.

They get in his way and stop him from enjoying his walk. So, when they appear in the screen, tap the screen and support him to jump over them.
He likes "tempura rice ball". So, if rice ball appears, don't jump over it. Rice balls recover lost lives. But, be careful that he doesn't eat too much. If he eats rice balls when he has 5 lives, he will get too fat to jump over and fall sleep for a while. Don't worry if this happens though - hitting 3 other animals or creatures will return him to regular size and be able to jump again.